Fort Greene Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership (S.N.A.P.) is a community based organization founded in 1996 to address the critical needs in Fort Greene, and its surrounding communities.  Over 400 community members held meetings from 1995-1996; raising issues needing  to be addressed.

An assessment of neighborhood needs and discussions with our neighbors revealed 4 areas of concerns:
Adequate Housing
Affordable Healthcare
Economic Development

There is a Board of Directors that oversees the projects of Fort Greene SNAP.
Members of the board are:
Sister Elizabeth Hill, esq; Chairperson
Schanica Pickens
Robert Lewis
S. Sally Butler, Secretary
Claire Paola

Programs that address areas of concern are:
Education – Computer Literacy, Grandparent Caregivers, Anger Management Classes, Accountability Classes, Kids Hours Program, Health – Empowered Parenting Workshops, Breastfeeding Workshop and Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (I.M.R.I.) Program, Case Management, and Economic Development.  Adequate Housing – Advocacy regarding Homeless Shelters, and seeking affordable housing.