Our Mission

“Fort Greene Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership (SNAP) helps community residents of the Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and surrounding communities, understand and learn the tools that can help them take control of their lives and make positive decisions that lead to a fuller quality of life.”


July 2014
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About SNAP

The Fort Greene Strategic Neighborhood Action Partnership  (SNAP) Community Center is a community resource center serving families in Fort Greene and surrounding neighborhoods.  Read on to learn about our many services.

Life Long Learning:

Technology Workshops ~ In this high tech world, many adults are being left behind as jobs require more technology skills. (Read More)

SNAP Online – Our partnership with Education To Go allows us to offer more than 100 continuing education courses. (Read More)

Science and Technology Educationl Project – Run in conjunction with Pratt Institute, the Science and Technology Education Project provides academic support high school students . (Read More)


Grandparent Caregivers Support Groups - Our meetings are held twice a month at each site, with four events supported by the Brooklyn Grandparents Coalition. (Read More).

Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative - In all of New York City, the community of Fort Greene has the highest rate of deaths in babies before their first birthday. It’s been determined that a lack of the right information is the largest contributor to this situation. In a project funded by the New York City Department of Health, the SNAP is working in coalition with the Brooklyn Task Force on Infant Mortality Reduction in an effort to battle these circumstances by providing outreach, case management, informational workshops and referrals to residents about parenting, health care and other crucial services.

Economic Development:

Entrepreneurs Corner -Through the Entrepreneur’s Corner we work to increase the knowledge, leadership, focus, technology skills, financial litercy and income of our participants.

Employment - Participants receive free help in job search, cover letter writing and resume writing. This year 65% of the participants used our center for some form of employment search help. We also have a job board where we post local opportunities and technology classes specifically to help with job search.

Civic Participation:

Community Advisory Partnerships (CAPS): Our Community Action Partnerships are committees of neighborhood residents who advise our board of directors on issues of concern to the community and appropriate plans of action.

Current issues of priority are housing, healthcare, and  education.

The first CAP was established to focus on housing issues in the neighborhood. With the Wallabout Community Association, we helped to develop a community response to a profiteering housing developer in Fort Greene. With twenty concerned neighborhood residents, elected officials, tenant association presidents, and members of other community-based organizations, we formulate a sane housing policy for our community. Our Health CAP is working on several projects including a research project regarding community health and infant mortality, a Healthy Heart Walk, and surveys on the quality of groceries in our local stores.

The Education CAP is focusing on the needs of our local elementary school parents.

Auburn Independent Monitoring Committee: The Auburn Independent Monitoring Committee (AIMC) is a project initiated by SNAP to maintain a voice for respectful and dignified conditions at Auburn Family Shelter, a Department of Homeless Services-run facility located in between sections of the Whitman Houses in Fort Greene.  AIMC’s website includes inspections, articles, a discussion forum, udates on the committees work, and other information relevant to advocacy for reasonable conditions at Auburn.

Fort Greene SNAP Newsletter- Our newsletters, news releases and web page all reflect our commitment to communication with the neighborhood. Our quarterly newsletters were distributed to more than 1,500 people. News releases chronicling the SNAP’s latest happenings were sent to our local media outlets. Our Web page went live in August 2003.

Fort Greene Speaks - Fort Greene Speaks is our “e-organizing” effort. This email listserve has disseminated information about neighborhood activities and issues. We welcome and encourage anyone who wants to keep up with what’ happening in our neighborhood to sign up and participate.