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Fort Greene SNAP’s Technology Workshop is a learning project that increases the digital skills of participants.  The main objective is to offer those who seek computer training that provides direct instruction in using common software (computer fundamentals, terminology, typing, word-processing, Internet and email basics), and challenging practice assignments to get more familiar with applications and terminology.

Classes are announced through our email newsletter, on this webpage (check the blog)  and on our Facebook page.

Popular classes include:

welcom to computrs forComputers for Absolute Beginners: This is a basic computer class, and when I say basic I mean BASIC! It means we’ll start with a review of hardware (that includes personal computers, tablets, smartphones) then continue to work with operating systems and the free programs that come with any computer. If you haven’t had the opportunity to use or really understand computers before, or just need to fill the gaps in your knowledge, this is the place for you!

Email and the Internet: When you are online, your email address is your key to websites and services that help you to stay informed, find out and connect. Learn how to use your email to your best advantage, while staying safe on the Internet.

Living Online: It seems everyone around us is using computer technology to make their lives easier and more fulfilling. This class highlights how to use computers and the internet to pay bills, connect with friends and family, learn new skills, earn a living and stay safe online.

Learn to Type or Increase your Speed: In Four weeks get tools  you need to learn to type faster, understanding the keyboard, Slow down to speed up, posture, job opportunities, Incentive for most improved.  Daily practice sessions and lessons on using word processors efficiently for better speed and accuracy.

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