We define advocacy as a substantial skill in helping community residents to get the needed services on an individual level.  We work to change policy for everyone that is affected by inadequate access of universal outreach services.  Fort Greene SNAP works with individuals, and assist them in contacting agencies and administrators that helps them with these needed services.

We also collaborate with other agencies across the City, and State of New York; pressing for necessary changes in policies, and laws.  For example, our work with these agencies across the City of New York helped in protecting, and keeping Medicaid safe from financial budget cuts.  Our work also helped with pressing for changes at a local Homeless Shelter within the community to produce better services for its residents.

Engaging members of the community to raise their voices about what changes they want to see in the community as an important part of our advocacy.  If you have an important issue, please call or come into the office, and talk to us about it.  We can work together to address the problem, and make changes become a reality.