Empowered Parents

The Fort Greene SNAP agency offers a 12 session series of Parenting, and Anger Management Workshops that address the following topics:

The Parenting Workshop:
Stages of Child Development;
Separating from your Child on the First Day of School;
Discipline that Works;
Redirecting Techniques of Children’s Behaviors;
Parenting Techniques;
Nutritional Values for Your Children;
Seven Tips in Practicing Positive Discipline.

The Anger Management Workshop:
The Power To Control Anger;
Understanding Intimidation;
The Practice of Non-Threatening Behavior; Resolutions for Handling Conflicts; Desired Effects of Respect; Addressing Our Childhood Fears; Techniques for Responsible Parenting; The Effects of Violence on Children, Family & Relationships; Understanding Shared Responsibilities.

Upon completing and passing the workshop’s final examination certificates are awarded to successful candidates.