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When: Friday, 02/21/2020 at 11am – 1pm | Future Historical Society
Where:  Fort Greene SNAP, 324 Myrtle Avenue

This multi-generational collective of Fort Greene neighbors leads this interactive storytelling and history-collecting

This multi-generational collective of Fort Greene neighbors leads an interactive storytelling and history-collecting workshop and installation, focusing on the vital role that Myrtle Avenue and Fort Greene SNAP has played in our community. In connection with this year’s Black Art Story Month theme, Some Words, this FHS workshop provides a forum for sharing history and meaning in one’s own voice and words, while creating an archive to preserve, interpret, and share those words through an artistic and community-created public art installation.

The Future Historical Society is a community storytelling project commissioned by BRIC.

This program is presented as a part of Black Art Story Month, a month of FREE events, programs, installations, and digital interventions that celebrate the legacy of Black creativity and the power of words created by Black artists and activists in Fort Greene AND Clinton Hill.  For More information, please visit: www.myrtleavenue.org/blackartstory. 

To hear the stories of these locations, click here for an audio tour.